‘K.G.F: Chapter 2’ movie review – kgf 2 break records

K.G.F Chapter 2 begins right where the first part ended with Rocky Bhai publicizing himself as the messiah, breaking the impediment of men, women and children in KGF. There’s nothing new to the way effects are dealt with in the alternate investiture, except the addition of three new villains in Adheera, Ramika Sen and Inayat Khalil. All those effects that were flat and secondary in K.G.F Chapter 1 continue to be, in the effect.

This film too suffers from the leanness in jotting, though the discourses in Tamil ( written by Ashok Kumar) are atrocious. There’s a line about a hard gemstone and a hammer that hits you like a pellet. Beforehand on, we get a scene about a boy, born and nurtured in KGF who joins Bhai’s camp to train as an fortified guard. When his mama ( played by Eswari Rao) advises him against this, he reminds him that the reason they were suitable to do namaz in the first place was because of Bhai. They all remain pious to Bhai as long as they maintain the social order of that place. In that sense, the freedom which they suppose they’ve is controlled in nature. But K.G.F Chapter 2 is n’t about this contemplation. It’s about high- accelerated numbers and oh boy, are they wild ( trick directors are Anbarivu).

There are hardly any effective women in this jubilee of manly toxin. Of course, this isn’t a film for women. That’s explicitly outlined in Rocky Bhai’s preface scene, where Reena is brought into KGF without her concurrence. That isn’t the disquieting part. When she asks the reason, Bhai says she’s her “ entertainment”. Reena’s character comes across as so silly and dumb that she’s an personality to all the one- note women characters in our masala cinema. Raveena Tandon as the Prime Minister Ramika Sen looks deadly; her character not so important.

The familiar problems of the first part — the accelerated manner in which scenes are edited, near-blaring background score and the tiring reverse-and- forth history (this time by Prakash Raj) worshipping the idol — resurface in part two. Another chapter? I ’m out.

K.G.F Chapter 2 is presently running in theatres.

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